2023 Waiver

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In consideration of registration with the Forest Hills Football, Inc. D/B/A The Queens Falcons, I/we the parent of guardian of the name registrant, do hereby claim the child to be medically fit by way of physical examination and give my/our approval to their participation in any and all of the activities during the current football season. I/we assume all risk and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities, its transition to and from the activities, and I/we do release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless The Forest Hills Football League, Inc. and any and all of its associated members, the organizers, the sponsors and the supervisors any and all of them. In case of injury to he child, I/we waive all claims against the organizers, the sponsors, and the supervisors appointed by them. I/we likewise release from responsibility any person transporting the child to and from the activities. All photos, videos, and other types of photographs are sole property of The Forest Hills Football League, Inc. The Forest Hills Football League, Inc. reserves the right to publish or utilize such photos, videos, etc. for promotional, advertising and other such uses as deemed necessary.

Equipment distributed to registrants (helmets and shoulder pads) are property of The Forest Hills Football League. Loss of equipment or failure to return equipment will require the registrants to reimburse the current cost of the equipment to The Forest Hills Football League.

Registrants are required to take reasonable care of their equipment. If it has been deemed that the equipment has been damaged by something other than normal wear and tear from football, the registrant will be required to cover the cost of reconditioning of damaged equipment.

*Upon request a certified copy of the above registrants birth certificate must be furnished.